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At risk of getting brutally kicked out of this guild, I must ask nevertheless. If they had gotten a different girl to play Kairi, Kairi would have a lot more fans. She also doesn't sound near as stressed as a girl who has been through all that ought too. But there would still be fangirls who hate Kairi no matter how amaing a girl they got for her just because she "gets in the way of Riku and Sora", even though it's perfectly legit for same-sex couples to have friends of the opposite sex... (Even though you can see right threw it.) Most people seems to have her because she 'pulls Sora and Riku apart'. If any of you remember, when Riku was still all darkness-ish and looked liked Xehonort (Heartless), Kairi was the one that showed Sora that it was really him. Okay, we can all tell that Sora REALLY has a thing for Riku. Yes, I enjoy reading your I-hate-kairi-what-a-b***h stuff cuz it's funny and true, but isn't it a little over the edge? You're also right about getting in trouble for making Sora blatantly gay, although the games can be seen as an analogy for Sora's rejection (KH1) and finally acceptance (KH2) of his own bisexuality, which makes Kairi really important. I mean, she gets annoying, but Sora annoys me at times too. At least with Namine she was so abused and depressed you felt bad for her. However, both Disney and Square Enix want to keep a good image, so they stick a girl in it and fix the story line so that it would be that both Riku and Sora are wanting Kairi. Sora and kairi have sex free sexy vidio His blog is a learning experience. If you happen to find your character on here, please do not take it personally. We just happened to find your character and we use. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works